AAJ KI SATTA:-This Sunday, Natrang presented a scintillating presentation of Urdu play ‘Intzaar’ in its weekly Sunday Theatre. The play has been very brilliantly written by legendry playwright Saadat Hasan Manto and innovatively adapted and directed by Sumeet Sharma. The play carried a distinctive style and spontaneity which made its comic quotient very effective. For the audience, it was a befitting creative treat coated with humour.

The play 'Intzaar' opens in a very hilarious situation in which 'Mantzar' is waiting for his beloved to come to meet him in a much awaited date. He is waiting for her very anxiously, to the extent that even half an hour is very difficult to spend. He speaks with his inner self and innovates different ways to divert his attention from the palpitation which he is feeling in the process of waiting, but nothing works. To make the situation even worse, some unwanted guests arrive which make his condition miserable. Finally, when the time of meeting comes and the girlfriend arrives, he falls unconscious because of overtiredness. Thinking that he is unconcerned about the meeting and is sleeping, in the disgust, she leaves and the much awaited meeting turns to be a disaster which steers the comedy towards an irony. The improvised references and spontaneous actions added to the proximity of the play and audience could relate to the situations.

Artists who performed in the play included Mohit Sharma, a Post-Graduate in theatre, who is presently working in Mumbai and has acted in various tele-serials like CID, Beinteha, Jamai Raja, Shapath, Akbar Birbal, Punjabi Movie 'Sarvan', Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai etc. as 'Mantzar', Sumeet Sharma as his Inner Self, Ashley Mehta as 'Girlfriend', Mohd. Yaseen as 'Salesman', Gopi Sharma as 'Newspaper Vendor' and Gautam Sharma as ‘Friend’.  Lights were operated by Shivam Singh, Music was scored by Vanshika Gupta, Meenakshi Bhagat did the presentations and the show was coordinated by Neeraj Kant.
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