JAMMU, Aug 4: Shri Ram Sena, Jammu and Kashmir criticised the Kashmir based political parties and Jammu based National Conference and People Democratic Party leaders, who tried to create undue influence on the Supreme Court for allowing the retention of Article 35-A in the State.

In a statement issued in Saturday, SRS State President Rajiv Mahajan strongly advocated abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A.

 “We have demanded that Article 35-A, which is the biggest Constitutional blunder, should also be removed,” he said, adding that the Article discriminated against women and weaker sections of the State.

“A big conspiracy has been hatched by the Kashmir-centric forces to bring demographic changes in the Jammu region. The Central Government should ensure that such a move should be curbed immediately,” Rajiv said.

He alleged that the successive State Governments were “biased” against the Jammu region over unemployment and development issues and allowing settlement of Rahangiyas and Bangladeshis in Jammu.

He said that there is no need of Article 35-A in the State as a large number of outsiders including Rahangiyas and Bangladeshis are settled in the State without any verification during National Conference regime.

The Article will not be allowed to be implemented selectively and to suit particular community, he said.

He questioned if Rahangiyas and Bangladeshis are settle in Jammu and Kashmir State then why not other Indian citizens have come here buy land, construct houses.

 “The hue and cry created by vested interests is aiming to create atmosphere of animosity among the communities by taking partisan approach,” Rajiv said.

He said that political parties and leaders must desist from such approach and allow the law to take its course.

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