Today on dated 29-07-18 a crucial meeting of JKTF Sunderbani  convened by Sh Rajiv chadda & Arvind Sharma at  Sunderbani in which Sh Vinod Sharma distt president JKTF Rajouri was the chief guest .In the meeting  various office bearers and other members were participated.
Thread bare discussion were held on various issues but main focus was on recent transfers made by CEO Rajouri by violating the transfer norms on the pretext of hard zone.All the participants shown their great resentment meted to Sunder Bani zone.In 2017 only teachers were sent to hard zone areas but in recent transfers 16 trs were transferred .There are various areas/ school's fall in the category of hard zone whose distance 55 km, 35 km 27km by road and again 5 to 10km on foot. Schools like MS Kalasra, MS Nah, MS Ambkhori, MS Ghai-up-nias, MS Dhok, PS kharore and many others but as per CEO Rajouri these schools /areas are not fall in that criteria. They appealed and said that discrimination is not acceptable to us at any cast and thorough prove is required to access the genuineness of these transfers and stern action must be initiated against the culprits.
 Mr Arvind Sharma lamented the CEO Rajouri for his biased approach in which he openly violated all the norms of the transfers.Those who had already served in hardzones again sent to serve their by making them Scape goats even handicapped, life consuming medicine ,and RETs not spared. They again appealed to higher authorities for justice and the trs who are serving in the hard areas since 2015 must be reparitraited on soft zones so that justice must be dispensed to them.
Mr Vinod Sharma assured them that  the recent transfer list is put on hold and all the facts and figures has been submitted to Worthy joint Director Rajouri /Poonch which clearly indicated the brazen violation of transfer norms by CEO Rajouri . Moreover worthy joint Director working on the detailed report and justice dispensed to the sufferers . Mr Sharma again assured them that their case of declaration of hard zone areas of S Bani located on L o c or other inaccessible area shall be taken up with Worthy joint Director Rajouri Poonch at an earliest so that teaching of S Bani  should not felt discrimination.Mr Sharma urged the teaching community to work with utmost sincerity for the betterment of student community and also raised the standard of education in govt institutions.Mr  Sharma also assured  them that JKTF is always working for the restoration of dignity of teaching community and appealed them to make JKTF more strong
Those who participated in the meeting are Vikram Sharma , Subash Kumar ,Ashfiq Raja ,Vipan Kumar, vikramjeet , Sushil Kumar, Amit Sudan, Manish Kumar,Surinder Kumar , Jagdish LAL, Happy Raina,Shiv Gupta ,Manish Kumar, Vinay Raina, Vishal Negi, Ashok Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Pankaj Kumar, Ravinder Sharma.Naveen Sharma, Neeraj Sharma, Goutam Sharma, Vinay Sharma,Yoginderpaul Bushey, Ram Kumar , Surinder Kumar , Vijay Sharma , Neeraj Kumar,Ram Kumar, Sushil Kumar,Amit Raina, Sunil Sharma and many others.
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