Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that Jammu is abundant with entrepreneurial talent and a lot of people in the region set up their own business ventures instead of clamouring for the government jobs.He added that an entrepreneur not only creates value for himself but also helps the society by creating opportunities for other jobless people.
Rajesh Gupta complimented the owner of the showroom Pramod Jain for having created good facilities for eye testing and other facilities for eye care.
Rajesh Gupta on the ocaassion expressed great satisfaction that the various schemes launched by the Modi government are beginning to show results on the ground and said that we can see a perceptible change in the way peoples expectations have grown bigger ever since Modi government took power. The respect of our country in the comity of nations has grown manifold and in a few years time our country would be counted among the very best and the most powerful and the most resourceful countries on the planet.
 MLA Rajesh Gupta was accompanied by BJP leaders Rajneesh Sharma, Daleep Gupta, Shashi Sapolia, Gokul Koul, Rajinder Sikka, Rajkumar, Prem, Raman,Dayaram,Ramesh Gupta, Neetu, Hari Om Sharma and Varun Malhotra.
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