Sunil Dimple president Jammu west assembly movement along with the hundreds of traders, irate angry mob of people, held protest Dhrna at Amphalla New Plot Janipur high court road, disrupted vehicular traffic for some time against the Govt PDD department move to install the four 4 lakhs  smart, pre paid post paid meters in Jammu.

Protest was also Against the against the IRCON Company for substandard Work of PDD Department, PDD defunct grid stations at Janipur and at Gladni which is responsible for 15 to 18 hours long power cuts and no water supplied to the people of the Jammu city and particularly.

Addressing the protestors Sunil Dimple appealed the Governor NN Vohra not implement the installation of the pre , post , smart meters on the PDD  connections as our is poor backward, far flung areas state and can not afford this burden of the Narinder Modi BJP Govt.

He  said even after installing smart, pre, post meeters there is no Grantee people will get 24 hours power without curtailment. 

He warned the Govt that if the four 4 lakhs smart, pre paid post paid meters in Jammu. We will start agitation as this is a black law which the govt is imposing on the people of the state and particularly in jammu.

He said BJP union power minister along with the previous BJP PDD minister Dr Nirmal Singh approved passed this bill without looking into its pros and cons.

 He said the people of our state belongs to middle class and below poverty line families and they can not afford this system.

 Dimple said all new cable and boxes were on fire at night and the people   ran for their safety of lives on main roads.

 All PDD IRCON Cables burnt people run for the safety of the lives in the localities out of houses.

Sunil Dimple has demanded Governor NN vohra, PDD Commissioner, chief engineers PDD Jammu that most substandard work has been done by the IRCON. 

 He said toy MCV of low capacity has been installed in boxes of the domestic connections which trip after every hour and the people have to run PDD Office in this humidity and peak sweating summer and have to spent sleep less nights.

He demanded to lay quality cable and the high capacity load caring MCV of 10 Kv, so that they should not trip as there are meters on every connection.

He demanded the governor for the CBI Inquiry of the PDD work done by IRCON Company.

Dimple after complains of burning PDD MCV Boxes at various localities ,   at Amphalla New Plot Janipur high court road, sarwal, rehari, subash nagar, bakshi nagar, Talab Tillo and many localities of the west constituency.

He demanded the Governor NN Vohra to install the fresh new receiving station of 50 MVA at Janipur to over come the load problem and the curtailment of power cuts.

He said janipur power station is 40 years old and has become very defunct and the transformers machinery of Janipur PDD station is very defunct.

He said the Governor NN Vohra that th power Supply infrastructure of Galani, Janipur of 132 KV, 33 Kv are very defunct and the ministers have done no work for the development and improvement of the power supply of the jammu region, jammu city and particularly in thewest assembly constituency and the PDD portfolio was with the BJP minister before the governor rule.

He alleged the Govt. implementing its policies RAPDRP but the RADRP is doing a very substandard work.

Dimple alleged all the transformers in many localities of the constituency have damaged and there is no one to heed the plight of the people.

Dimple said the Governor NN Vohra to take up matter with  prime minister Narinder Modi, the Slal Project is located on our land and water is of our state, even than the people of the Jammu region and state are facing power shortage and huge power cuts and it should be immediately return back from the centre other wise we will start the agitation against the BJP central govt.

Dimple demanded Governor  to immediately start the work on chinav water supply project as this been put in the cold storage, project, and Jammu people are facing acutesacristty of drinking water.
He said due to PDD power Cuts acute sacristy of drinking water has also hit the Jammu region.
He warned to start Janandoln against the PDD new metering policy.

The other prominent protestors are Sham Saroop, Manjiet Anand,  Ajay Mehta, Ashok Sharma, Rajesh Tall, Chaman Pawar, Anil Khna, Sachin Soi, Chuni Lal bhat, Ashok Kumar, Arjun Kumar, Sanjev Abrol, and many others
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