Today’s play very efficiently portrayed the gruesome picture of the society where because of their vested interests, the shrewd opportunists make the masses kill each other on the name of religion, region, caste and race etc. On the death of every human being, humanity bleeds and their condition deteriorates. The brunt of mindless riots and its nefariously related incidents were exemplified in the play. Just to fulfil the greed of the evil people, thousands of innocent people lose their lives, thousands of the houses are put to flames and hundreds of the girls are molested and the most ironic part of this tragedy is that all this happens on the name of religion which always preaches peace, humanity, brotherhood and co-existence. When it is universally accepted that all the religions of the world teach non-violence, where this violence takes birth from to put stigma on humanity which was shownas a very vulnerable condition in the play. At the end, the lesson to stand united to curb the menace of the politics of hate and violence was given by the writer.

In a non conventional character of ‘Humanity’, Brijesh Avtar Sharma did exceptionally well and demonstrated his brilliance in each appearance on stage. He was supported by the young actors of Natrang which included Sushant Singh Charak, Meenakshi Bhagat, Sheetal Jadhan, Sonakshi Gupta, Aarti Devi, Manoj Kumar Lalotra, Abhijeet Sharma, Zeeshan Haider, Raheel Sharma, Ujhwal Bandral, Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Ganjoo. The lights were operated by Shivam Singh and the music was efficiently designed by Brijesh Avtar Sharma and scored by Aashish Thakur.  The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen and the presentations were done by Chahat Katyal.

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